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150th Anniversary: Battle of Fredericksburg | Battle of Chancellorsville

The Battle of Chancellorsville

Lee's greatest victory: Chancellorsville

An in-depth series written by nationally known historian Robert K. Krick on the 1863 battle in Spotsylvania.

The Battle of Fredericksburg

The story of the battle
The large Union army spent Dec. 12 crossing the river into the city initiating a new and highly destructive phase of the campaign. The residents of Fredericksburg had left their homes the day before. Women, children and elderly burdened with their most precious possessions trudged along the muddy streets to seek refuge in outlying areas in what some Confederates called the most depressing event they witnessed during the war.

Events leading up to the battle--a timeline
How civilians fared during the Battle of Fredericksburg
Richard Kirkland: The angel of Marye's Heights

Behind the Lines:
A special 37-part series on the Battle of Fredericksburg


Fredericksburg maps

Point lookout maps

Orders of battle

Order of Battle for Army of the Potomac

Order of Battle for Army of Northern Virginia