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Brig. Gen. Thomas R.R. Cobb

Commander of Georgia Legion 28, Cobb led his men in the Seven Days' battles, at Second Manassas and Antietam.

He was appointed brigade general in November 1862 and led his brigade under Gen. Lafayette McLaws in the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Below Marye's Heights, the Georgia brigade stood along a 600-yard portion of Telegraph Road, the main thoroughfare to Richmond.

Cobb described the evacuation of Fredericksburg in an 1862 letter to his wife.

"It was a pitiable site [sic]. Nice ladies dressed in furs trudging through the mud. Poor little children huddled in ... carts and ox wagons," Cobb wrote. "Many of them with little bundles of valuables."

The road where Cobb's men gathered had been cut into the hillside, giving it a sunken appearance. Stone retaining walls paralleling the shoulders transformed this peaceful stretch of the country wagon road into a ready-made trench.

Cobb suffered a mortal wound early in the action, just yards of his mother's one-time home, but the Southern line remained firm.

A sharpshooter's bullet struck him in the thigh, severing an artery. Stretcher-bearers rushed him to a small house nearby where a surgeon tried in vain to stop the bleeding, but within minutes, General Cobb was dead.

Cobb is probably best known for weighing - according to his father in a letter - 21 pounds at birth.

A monument to Cobb stands along Sunken Road in Fredericksburg.