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The Confederate Crier

Aftermath of the War

By Elana Ben-Meir
Civil War Reporter

I feel that war has really has a lot of effect on many people.

First of all, on women, because their husband’s have to go to war,
and its very likely that they won’t return.

I think that is a very
bad feeling to have. Second of all, on children, because they have
fathers that are fighting in the war, and it must feel very scary
to know that one of the most significant people in their lives are
battling in a very dangerous war. Last of all, on the soldiers
themselves, who have to fight in the wars. They are definitely
the most courageous. We really have to acknowledge them too.

I feel upset when I see pictures of the Civil War. I feel
upset because people that are all in the same country are fighting
against each other for really no good reason at all, and when you
look at pictures they don’t lie, they show what actually happened.
That’s the sad part.

That so many people died, that so many
people suffered, that so many people were dragged away from
their families to never return.


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