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Yankee Times

Jackson and his nickname

By John Doe
Civil War Reporter

At the 1st Battle at Bull Run in Manasses, VA the Union troops had the Confederate soldiers on the run back to Richmond. While retreating with his men one of these Confederate Generals stops looks up and notices a man, a Confederate General, a statue standing there not willing to run. Upon noticing this "mythical God" the Confederate General is Quoted as saying "Stop! Look theres Jackson standing like a Stonewall! Quick rally behind the Virginians". After hearing this and looking to see Jackson, the Confederate soldiers are so aroused they quickly turn face and head back to the Battle site to face the Union troops who are baffled by the return of the Confederate troops. After a long and hard fought battle the Union troops who were not expecting this intense of a Battle retreat back to Washington D.C. Therefore letting both sides know that this war was not going to be quick and easy as one thought.


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