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Yankee Times

Are all men created equal?

By Nora Anne Miller
Civil War Reporter

Anne's weekly column

It's not just because I'm in the North, but I really do belive all men including slaves are created equal. I am asking some colonists to write in what they belive and why.
This is a letter from Elisabet Fisher. Let's see what she belives.

Dear Anne,
I belive thatt all men are created equal and that slaves should have their freedoms just as I have mine.They are real people not dogs that you own. This whole war is caused by those crazy fools down in the south. I hope that president Abe Lincoln does somthing about it.I can not ever picture us ever being a normal country again. If the North wins this war I hope that the generals are hung or punished harshly.
Elisabet Fisher

Thank you very much Elisabet. I am pleased that you took the time to write in.


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