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Civil War Questions

This Leader . . .

6. Was a skilled Confederate general who earned his nickname, "Stonewall," at the battle of First Manassas

Robert E. Lee

J.E.B. Stuart

Thomas Jackson

7. Was a former slave who escaped to the north and became an abolitionist

James Longstreet

Frederick Douglass

Jefferson Davis

8. Became President of the Confederate States of America

Abraham Lincoln

J.E.B. Stuart

Jefferson Davis

9. Was one of the first Union generals to fight Robert E. Lee

George McClellan

Thomas Jackson

Frederick Douglass

10. Was one of Robert E. Lee's most trusted generals and was with Lee at Gettysburg

Ulysess S. Grant

James Longstreet

Jefferson Davis


The story

1. A Nation Divided

2. Events and Battles

3. Leaders

4. Daily Life

5. Aftermath


North or South?

Match the abolitionist

What would you do?

Name that leader

Study the artifact

Be a columnist

Interactive map


SOL Civil War key word index