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SP8363707 -- 0 BABE BOY SCHOOLER DRIVE $36,000  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 4.69    A3 Alty Family
SP8385352 -- 7208 OLD DICKERSONS RD $39,900  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 0.92    RR Rolling Woods
SP8385317 -- 7302 HIDDEN BROOK RD $39,900  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 1.22    RR Rolling Woods
CV8392536 -- 0 MIDDLEBROOK DR $40,000  
   CAROLINE 4.99    RP T E Taylor
SP8330857 -- 6618 WATERVIEW LN $42,886  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 2.52    PR4 Sunrise Bay
CV8298348 -- CONCORD $49,900  
   CAROLINE 3.43    A None
SP8255928 -- 11510 MACFADEN DR $59,886  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 0.58    A2 Lake Wilderness
Waterfront Property
SP8258873 -- 16416 DAYS BRIDGE RD $69,900  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 9.98    RA None
LA8463714 -- 101 RICHARDSON DR $74,900  
   LOUISA 3.43    R2 Reedy Creek
SP8390772 -- LAWYERS RD $79,900  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 14.81    RR None

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