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/ Neighbourhood
SP8410006 -- 5210 WYNDEMERE CIR $30,000  
   SPOTSYLVANIA 1.00    RR Wyndemere
LA8410588 -- Shady Oaks  New Listings $349,000  
   LOUISA 1.01    R Woodland Shores
Waterfront Property
LA8409788 -- WINDSWEPT RD $75,900  
   LOUISA 1.00    R1 Windwood Coves
LA8409787 -- WINDSWEPT RD $79,900  
   LOUISA 1.17    R1 Windwood Coves
FQ8410548 -- Elk Run -- No photo available at this time.  New Listings $1,600,000  
   FAUQUIER 36.58    R1 Sumerduck
Waterfront Property
CV8409818 -- BAY MEADOW $51,000  
   CAROLINE 3.39    RP Portobago Bay
WE8410291 -- MATTOX AVENUE  New Listings $6,500  
   WESTMORELAND 0.23    0 Pbe Circle Lane
WE8410272 -- Circle Lane  New Listings $10,500  
   WESTMORELAND 0.23    0 Pbe Circle Lane
LA8409690 -- OVETON DR $49,000  
   LOUISA 0.93    R Overton Fork
CV8410392 -- 103 NEW PROVIDENCE DR -- No photo available at this time.  New Listings $12,000  
   CAROLINE Not available    R1 Lake Caroline

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