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Truckers, once knights of the highway, are too often black knights page 3
In an Interstate duel of car vs. tractor-trailer, the car loses.

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Date published: 8/17/2003



In April, the federal Department of Transportation issued new hours-of-service rules for truck drivers that took years to produce and used up 63 pages in the federal register, covering every imaginable scenario, and including scientific data about human sleep requirements.

While law enforcement does what it can, these rules will make little difference unless they are taken to heart by the entire trucking industry, from the CEO to the newest young trucker.

Emily Cella's loved ones are simply left to wonder why her life needed to end so senselessly on a routine 45-mile trip down I-95.

Tell them that her death will help prompt the trucking industry to better police its own. Tell them that her death will help all truckers understand the risks and responsibilities they assume when they get behind the wheel.

But don't tell them she died because a load of frozen food needed to be somewhere on time.

RICHARD AMRHINE is a writer and editor with The Free Lance-Star.

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