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Buyers can't get enough of men in buff
Calendar featuring Rappahannock men in the buff is wildly popular.

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Date published: 11/8/2003

Calendar hot item in Rappahannock

Rappahannock County's beefcake is selling like hot cakes.

Despite continued controversy, the "Men of Rappahannock" calendars are flying off the shelves.

"Sales have been great," said Cathy Kreyling, who conceived the idea of a calendar featuring prominent county men in seminude photographs to raise money for a school track.

Kreyling said the first shipment of 1,000 calendars was quickly sold during an autographing session at a Ben Venue deli last Saturday, and that a second shipment of 4,000 is about gone. She has ordered an additional 5,000 calendars, which sell for $15 each.

"We have just started mailing out orders we have received on our Web site [tmorc.com]," Kreyling said. "We have no idea right now how many we have sold there."

The calendar features county men ranging in age from 28 to 80, including former "Dukes of Hazzard" TV star and ex-congressman Ben "Cooter" Jones.

Calendar proceeds will be donated to the Rappahannock County school system and earmarked to help build a new high school track. The school system has said it will not lend its name or support to the project, but has stopped short of saying it won't accept the donation.

Meanwhile, the calendar continues to generate a swirl of controversy around the rural county. The story has received national attention since it broke two weeks ago.

"Letters to the editor are still pouring in at the local paper [The Rappahannock News]," Kreyling said. "One man even said he will not shop at any store that carries the calendar."

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