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Virginia GOP should nix the rhetoric, work with Warner on taxes page 3
Follow the Warner tax-plan debate and get a taste of the state of Virginia politics.

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Date published: 12/21/2003



I think people understand when a politician must change his stand based on reality and the good of the commonwealth. I think they should object when a politician adheres blindly to a popular idea gone bad.

The Virginia GOP has also attacked the Warner plan as unfair to the poor, because those who don't pay income tax won't get that tax break, but will pay for the sales-tax hike.

Republicans standing up for the poor has the same effect on me as a dose of ipecac. How dare they suggest that an extra 10 cents on a $10 purchase will have nearly the chilling effect of the loss of services the poor, elderly, and infirm have suffered in part because of the $1 billion that Gilmore's car-tax cut takes out of the state government's economy every year.

The straightforward appearance Gov. Warner gives to his plan belies the accounting gymnastics that have gone into it. What Virginians deserve is a plan that doesn't use mathematical gimmicks to meet its objectives. They also deserve a spirited public debate rather than name-calling and knee-jerk, party-line oratory.

Is it any wonder so few people bother to vote?

RICHARD AMRHINE is a writer and editor with The Free Lance-Star.

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