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When a monster strikes, there's no comfort for grieving parents page 3
This March marks Amy Baker's 33rd birthday. It also marks the 15th anniversary of her death

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Date published: 3/21/2004



"I was mad at God for quite a while," said Sue Baker. "I think any mother would go through that. You have to have someone to blame."

Adds Mark Baker: "It's human nature. Like the children who died in the car wrecks [this winter in Stafford County], you have to blame something, the ice or this or that. After a while you realize it isn't worth it."

Even after 15 years, the consequences of Amy's death continue to be felt within Amy's family and her circle of friends.

Her brother, David, just 16 at the time, was scarred by the loss of his sister. Now 31 and living near Front Royal with a family of his own, David is well aware of how quickly life-changing events can occur. That, his mother suggests, makes him a particularly attentive husband and father.

But Mark Baker adds that the tragedy has left his son "pissed off at the world," an attitude in stark contrast to the way David was before his sister was killed.

The Bakers still find fresh remembrances and notes at Amy's grave site in Fairfax around her birthday and the holidays. That's a nice feeling.

"Then we learned that one of her high school friends had named her little girl after Amy," said Sue Baker. "It was a bittersweet thing when we heard it.It kind of took our breath away."

A Fairfax police officer said this week that the county's Crime Solvers program will feature Amy's unsolved case later this month to mark the 15th anniversary. They hope to rekindle media interest by re-releasing a report on the investigation, despite the lack of new information.

The case also can be reviewed online at co.fairfax.va.us/ps/police/police11.htm.

RICHARD AMRHINE is a writer and editor with The Free Lance-Star.

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