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Date published: 6/20/2004


With all the responsibilities that come with adulthood and parenthood, watching the kids grow to this point has been a challenge as well as a pleasure. Videotape is allowing us to watch them grow up over and over again--without the day-to-day hassles. I would suggest that if you have videotape of your kids, you take time to watch it. We've been making these tapes since 1995, but only recently did we start taking a serious look back at them. I'm amazed at how easily memories of what the kids were like just a few years ago can fade. Hearing them talk as they once did is great, and seeing the early stages of today's personality traits is priceless.

No doubt parents everywhere set out to be good parents. We've always striven to make sure our kids know they are loved, that they feel secure, and that they are free to talk to us about absolutely anything that's on their minds.

In return we've been rewarded with kids who are bright, funny, poised, open-minded, and considerate of others. They even get along with each other most of the time.

Still, I often find myself wondering how, out of all the kids in the world, we ended up with such terrific ones. I think it might have to do with reading--reading and the other activities in which we've encouraged them to involve themselves.

From their very earliest days, we--my wife much more than myself--would read to our kids every night before bedtime. Extremely rare was the night we didn't. As a result, they have found an appreciation for books that we hope will last their lifetimes. They read above their grade levels, and choose to read for the sheer enjoyment of it.

We're also careful about what and how much television they watch. It's generally limited to sports events, suitable movies, and programs that have some redeeming educational quality. Most days they see no TV because it's such a low priority there's no time for it.

There are no video games or Gameboys at our house, but the kids are free to use the computer with the software we provide.

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