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Bobby Orrock--a man of principle who deserves our vote
Bobby Orrock--a man of principle who deserves our vote

Date published: 4/29/2005

We realize that politicians cannot appease everyone's desires. We know that Del. Bobby Orrock is one of these politicians, but knowing what kind of person he is may be the reason he has been elected so many times--and why he will get our votes, as well as the votes of our close friends.

We are senior citizens who have lived most of our lives in Spotsylvania County. We've seen the fruits of Bobby's labors over and over again.

We know that he gives a lot of thought to preparing to vote or presenting a bill. We also know that even though there have been accusations that he may not be as pro-family as some want us to believe, the Bobby Orrock we know is as pro-life as anyone could be.

You can go on the Internet and find all you need to know about him and why he voted for or against some bills--but please rest assured that he gave it a careful study before voting.

We know he is truly a firm believer in Christ, as shown by his job on the 93.3 WFLS Sunday gospel show, his caring for the students he teaches, and his willingness to serve on the rescue squad.

We can also tell you from personal knowledge that he will do everything in his power to help a constituent with a problem, and he will make sure he follows through until the matter is resolved.

We are asking that you join us in voting to keep Bobby Orrock in office.

Bernard and Eleanor Hart