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Catholics don't rock the boat page 3
The Catholic church has a changing of the guard, but not much else.

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Date published: 5/15/2005



It would be easy to label that as just another of the schisms that have developed and intensified across America, creating political, social, and religious battlegrounds.

Though everyone is offered salvation and forgiveness, it is the rigidity of Catholic doctrine that is so difficult for many people to accept, despite the theology that makes it so.

Similarly, America's Christian right preaches inclusion but proceeds to denigrate and disassociate itself from any individual or group that fails to pass its moral muster.

This is all so curious given the various discussions in the Bible of passing judgment on others.

Any church is at its best when it welcomes with open arms, then uses those arms to reach out and help others in need. Its teachings are better offered as enlightenment than with required adherence.

Whether it does this in the name of a particular God or not is not as important as that it is done in the name of love.

RICHARD AMRHINE is a columnist for the Free Lance-Star.

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