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The life of an AGELESS ACTIVIST A women's rights protester, a pioneering professor, a Peace Corps volunteer at age 65--Alice Rabson makes a difference page 6
Alice Rabson is one of Fredericksburg's local legends. She's helped shape Fredericksburg in the last 36 years. By Jessica Allen

 Rabson brings her faithful pet, Arthur, last month to the Unitarian Universalist Felowship's Blessing of the Animals service.
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Date published: 6/18/2005


Rabson is also active in the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. She has been attending the house of worship since she moved to Fredericksburg. She sings in the choir and participates in events they sponsor, such as celebrating the Religious Free- dom Monument.

In her spare time, she reads and walks her dog, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel she named Arthur--after the mythical king.

Looking back, Rabson sees how much Fredericksburg has changed.

When she first moved here 36 years ago, it was a small Southern town where everyone "knew their history and were still upset they lost the Civil War," she said.

Since then, Fredericksburg has grown and become more diversified and accepting of different cultures.

Rabson said she is glad she moved here.

"I love Fredericksburg," she said. "I've had a very good life here."

JESSICA ALLEN is a staff writer with The Free Lance-Star. Contact her at 540/368-5036, or jiallen@freelancestar .com. RHONDA VANOVER is a staff photographer with The Free Lance-Star.

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