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Questions that were submitted to museum officials
Questions that were submitted to museum officials

Date published: 7/10/2005

The Free Lance-Star submitted these questions June 17 to Vonita W. Foster, executive director of the U.S. National Slavery Museum. She has not responded to them.

What is your current estimate of the cost of the United States National Slavery Museum? How does that figure break down into major categories of spending?

How much money have you raised thus far? What are the major categories of contributions?

Has Dr. William H. Cosby Jr. begun the performances for which he will be contributing proceeds? When do you anticipate all of those proceeds will become available for your use?

What do you have planned as far as public outreach for fundraising beyond what is posted on your Web site? When do you expect that to begin and will you be making a specific plea for contributions from people in the Fredericksburg area? If you have a specific local plan, would you please provide details?

If any of the information in questions 1 through 4 is unavailable now, when do you anticipate that it will become available?

How do you plan to keep Fredericksburg-area officials and residents updated on museum plans?

Has the U.S. National Slavery Museum filed its 2004 tax return yet? If so, when do you plan to provide a copy of it to City Manager Phillip Rodenberg in accord with the terms of the contract entered into by the city and Museum Founder and Board Chairman L. Douglas Wilder in which the city loaned the museum $1 million?