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Democrats' attacks on Karl Rove based in bitterness, but not fact page 2
The accusations against Karl Rove are much ado about nothing. So why are the Democrats so desperate to get Rove?

Date published: 7/15/2005


In fact, neither Plame nor her husband was concealing her identity, either. Her husband's Web site clearly revealed her employment with the CIA before any e-mail from Karl Rove referred to her.

Additionally, Plame and her husband are far too visible in the high-society circles in Washington to seriously argue that she was making any diligent attempt to conceal her identity or to keep a low profile.

The simple fact is that Valerie Plame was not a covert CIA agent. Thus, there is no violation of the law.

But for the sake of an argument, let's ignore the facts, just as many Capitol Hill Democrats and members of the media have done--despite the clear evidence to the contrary, let's pretend that Plame was a covert agent. Even still, Karl Rove violated no law. Nor did he endanger any agent's life.

Rove clearly did not know her to be a covert agent, as he did not even know her name. This would indicate that he did not learn of her from classified sources, which is required for there to have been a crime.

Rove also had no knowledge that the government was actively concealing her identity--since it was not, nor was she or her husband.

Thus, even if one assumes that everything his adversaries say is true, Rove did not violate the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. Nor did he endanger any CIA agents in the field. Even The Washington Post and The New York Times now agree that no crime was committed.

So why all the acrimony and vitriol directed at Rove? Many Democrats are mad about losing all but one national election since 1994. They are furious that they could not beat George Bush or regain control of the House or Senate. Many blame Rove for their recent election woes. They want political revenge on the man they believe responsible for their misfortune.

Interestingly, Joseph Wilson was a consultant to the John Kerry campaign, and has been revealed as a charlatan and fraud by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The real reason Wilson went to Africa was political--to discredit the war in Iraq and impact the presidential election.

This entire CIA story is an amateur-hour game of "gotcha politics," with the mainstream media having played a strong supporting role. If you ignore the truth and make up your own "facts," it makes for interesting political theater.

Lots of feigned smoke. Lots of mirrors. Lots of carefully worded but empty allegations. But when the facts and the law are examined, it becomes clear that many Capitol Hill Democrats still prefer phony political theater to real public service.

GEORGE LANDRITH is president of Frontiers of Freedom.

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