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What to do with spare lasagna?
Jamboree makes plans to get rid of its considerable leftovers

Date published: 8/2/2005


Although the 32,000 Boy Scouts attending the National Scout Jamboree in Caroline County have been steadily eating their way through the tons of food stockpiled for the event, there will be leftovers.

Tom Anderson, business manager of the food group at the jamboree, anticipates extra milk and dairy products, fresh fruit, canned goods and paper products, as well as some prepared dishes like lasagna. These will be offered for sale at bargain prices after the jamboree ends tomorrow.

Military families will have first crack at the surplus foodstuffs, Anderson said, with public sales to follow.

Anyone with a military ID card will be welcome at the food warehouse, across A.P. Hill Drive from the jamboree visitors center, just inside the U.S. 301 gate, from 4 to 7 p.m. tomorrow.

The sale will be opened to the public on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sales will be cash only, according to John Alline, associate director of the jamboree and director of food and procurement. He said that those coming to the food sales should have a photo ID, automobile registration and proof of automobile insurance with them to gain access to the post.

There will also be some small refrigerators for sale along with the foodstuffs. Four-cubic-foot refrigerators will go for under $100 and 14-cubic-foot refrigerators will sell for just over $100, Anderson said.

The rest of the equipment from the jamboree will be sold in September, Alline said.

Items will be sold individually this year, Alline said, in contrast to the last jamboree when canoes and coolers were sold in large lots.

"We were not serving the Scouts or the public that supports us in doing it the other way," Alline said. "We've had a good response in past years. I've had people tell me about the bicycle they bought for their son, the cooler they bought and are still using."

He said he hopes to have the equipment sale early in September. Information on the exact dates and what equipment will be available will be released later, he said.

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