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The president was on vacation, all right--vacation from his duty page 4
On Katrina, Bush fumbled the ball--and refused to pick it up.

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Date published: 9/18/2005



No, the poor response to Hurricane Katrina wasn't all the president's fault, but it was a Xerox copy of him and his administration: Inept, unprepared, uninformed, lackadaisical, unaware, and untruthful. The Bush presidency has been in over its head ever since the first plane hit the north tower.

Thankfully this is America, and this real-life Alfred E. Neuman will be out of office in 2008. Has three years ever seemed such an eternity?

In the meantime, we have mid-term elections in 2006 that allow Americans to send a message on how they think the president is doing. That message should be loud and clear.

In Katrina's wake, people have been asking how they can help. First, they should send a donation to a legitimate charity. Then, if your car has a Bush bumper sticker on it, grab a Sharpie and put a big X through it.

And another thing: Somebody remind the president that daddy's not always going to be around to help make things right.

RICHARD AMRHINE is a writer and editor with The Free Lance-Star.

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