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Thoughts on Katrina.

Date published: 9/25/2005


Government response to Katrina from the mayor's office to FEMA was unreliable at best. Who could be counted on? Individuals. Nonprofits. Faith groups. Some corporations. From the doctors who flew to the area on their own to the George family from Stafford who simply loaded a truck full of supplies and drove it to the Gulf Coast, from those who brought half a million dollars and tons of goods to our radio stations' collection point to the churches who've sent mission teams to help rebuild, people have reacted nobly. The heart of America is strong.

With Rita's assault on Texas, this nation, still punchy from Katrina, faces another massive challenge. Americans likely will rise to meet it. But maybe the quote of the week belongs to comedian Jay Leno. On Tuesday he said: "Another hurricane! It's like the ninth hurricane this season. Maybe this is not a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance."

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