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Predator patrol active on Web
Police have been cracking down on what they call "online sexual predators"

 'You have no business as an adult trying to solicit sex from a 13- or 14-year-old child,' says Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith.
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Date published: 10/2/2005

"Anybody near Spotsy wanna chat?" Model2be91 asks in an online chat room.

Model2be91's Yahoo profile: 14-year-old Kaylee Mitchell of Fredericksburg.

Hobbies: shopping and movies.

Model2be91 writes about arguing with her mom over a boyfriend.

Within seconds, other people respond. She tells them she's a freshman at Chancellor High School in Spotsylvania County. Some end the conversation after finding out she's so young.

But it doesn't bother Jhbhoo1, who tells Model2be91 he's 44 and lives in Caroline County.

Within minutes Jhbhoo1 turns the chat sexual.

He calls Kaylee "baby doll" and says he wants to hold her.

That gets a reaction from a 43-year-old, 200-pound Spotsylvania detective who is reading every word of the chat inside a trailer at the county court complex.

"Forty-four years old and he wants to hold a 14-year-old girl," the detective says. "It just makes me sick."

Soon, Jhbhoo1 describes explicit sex acts he'd like to share with Model2be91. He asks whether she's had sexual experiences, whether she's willing to be his "slave."

He arranges to meet her that August afternoon at Spotsylvania Mall. They'll drive back to his Caroline County home.

He tells Kaylee to shower before they meet so she'll smell good. She should wear a sexy bra and panties, he says. He sends her what he says is a picture of himself.

He'll pull up to Hecht's in a pearl-blue Neon. He tells Kaylee to get in after he gets out--but to be careful that nobody sees them together.

An hour before the scheduled meet, a caravan of detectives, a prosecutor and a reporter leave the small room in Spotsylvania Courthouse where their end of the chat took place.

In unmarked cars, they spread out around the entrance to Hecht's at the back of the mall. One detective goes inside. A marked patrol car pulls up to the front of the mall. They plan their strategy on handheld radios.

"We're waiting for the pedophile to show up," one of the detectives tells a caller.

At 2:08 p.m., a pearl-blue Neon pulls up. A man gets out and heads toward Hecht's, looking around nervously. Detectives run the plates and trace the car to a Caroline address. He's the man in the picture, no doubt.

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