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Some thoughts at Christmas page 2
Some thoughts at Christmas.

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Date published: 12/25/2005



Now that my son Michael is 10 and daughter Megan is 9, there's still a measure of giddy jumping around as the day approaches, but it is slowly being replaced with expressions of genuine appreciation for what is headed their way. And with each year of maturity they seem increasingly interested in what they will be giving to others.

They tell me that they've put some special things under the tree for me, and that no amount of tickling will get them to spill the beans about what those things might be. Fine, I'll just have to wait, right along with them.

I've always enjoyed movies that follow the passage of time, looking on as generations grow through the good times and bad. As a parent I love looking back as much as I enjoy wondering what the future holds. Ten years from now, will we be celebrating Christmas homecomings as we did with our parents? That would be nice. I bet that Christmastime sparkle will still be in their eyes.

RICHARD AMRHINE is a writer and editor for The Free Lance-Star.

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