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Memories from year of service page 3
Spotsylvania resident Jason McIntosh experiences the culture--and food--of Kazakhstan as a Peace Corps volunteer.

 Jason McIntosh and other Peace Corps volunteers worked with villagers in the Tienshen Mountains of Kazakhstan. They taught cheese-making classes and provided equipment.
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Date published: 1/5/2006


"In was so cold in January and February, the birds froze in the trees," he said. "In the morning, if it thawed at all, they'd drop at your feet."

Most farmers in one remote region had plenty of milk, but they didn't make much money from selling it because other villagers had cows as well.

McIntosh and other volunteers showed them how to make cheese "and get more bang for their buck," he said.

One older woman told McIntosh, "It may not work, but you give us hope."

McIntosh came home with lots of hopes as well. He'd like to visit Kazakhstan again, and he's planning to bring Kim and her daughter here for a visit.

He'll have to save about $4,000, but he'll do it to help those in Kazakhstan the same way he would relatives in Spotsylvania.

"I now have an American family and a Kazakh family," he said.

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