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A merge of North and South page 2
South meets North in Fredericksburg

Date published: 1/18/2006

By Ed Jones


Last year we added an additional service from The Associated Press called the metro wire. This provides us access to local news stories from D.C. and its immediate suburbs.

Yet we also regularly devote pages inside our paper to news from elsewhere in the South, from El Paso to Savannah.

I like being in the midst of these swirling influences. As a lifelong resident of the area, I have found myself far more focused on the politics, sports and entertainment of D.C. than I was in my youth.

The Virginia of the 21st century, whose new governor grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, is far more racially and geographically diverse than the Virginia of my mother's or grandfather's youth. It's an exciting place to live.

Yet tomorrow, on the anniversary of Gen. Lee's birth, I will once again hike to the top of Lee's Hill in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, as is my annual habit. At the summit, with the guns silenced now for almost a century and a half, I will reflect on the crucial role our city played in the life and death of the Old South.

These are not matters best left to the dusty archives. There are lessons to be learned, reconciliations to be made, as winds from the North and South continue to buffet our area.

Ed Jones is editor of The Free Lance-Star. He can be reached at
Email: edjones@freelancestar.com or at 540/374-5401.

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