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Massage parlor-- and more?
Five charged in raid of massage parlor suspected of being a brothel

Date published: 2/1/2006


Five people were arrested yesterday after detectives raided a Spotsylvania County massage parlor where police believe prostitution had been occurring.

Detectives searched Moon Spa yesterday afternoon, looking for evidence of prostitution. The business is on the second floor of the Wendhurst Commons office building on State Route 3 next to Old Country Buffet and across from BJ's Wholesale Club.

Detectives began investigating the business in January after noticing a lot of men coming in and out late at night, Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith said.

Smith said the business offered legitimate massage services, but its employees are also suspected of engaging in prostitution there.

Detectives obtained warrants to raid Moon Spa as well as the Fairfax County home of the man and woman suspected of operating the business, Smith said.

Suk Chun Hae, a woman in her 40s, and Hwan Choe Chung, a 43-year-old man, were both arrested yesterday at their Fairfax home, Smith said.

Hae was charged with receiving money from prostitution earnings, and Chung was charged with conspiracy to receive money from prostitution earnings. Both crimes are felonies.

Three women who were at Moon Spa yesterday when detectives arrived--Ja Koh Kung, 61, Young You Gi, 38, and Aguirre Kwi, 52--were each charged with residing in a bawdy place.

Virginia law defines a "bawdy place" as any place used for lewdness or prostitution. Kwi also was charged with prostitution and sodomy, Smith said.

All of the people charged were being held in jail yesterday without bond, Smith said.

Smith said Sheetrock had been placed over the windows of the business. He said there was also an intricate camera system that allowed surveillance of the area outside the business.

Smith said the business operators had applied for a license, but he rejected it. He said the business was being operated without a license.

A similar raid of a massage parlor suspected of being a brothel occurred in Spotsylvania in 2003. That was at Genex Therapeutic Massage at Old Plank Road and Route 3; it was shut down after the raid. Its madam, Man Hyo Grimm, pleaded guilty to procuring prostitution and received a suspended prison sentence, court records state.

After that incident, the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors changed the county's policy on licensing massage parlors. Potential operators must now submit to a process that includes a criminal background check.

The sheriff said there is no evidence to suggest any relationship between the operators of Genex Therapeutic Massage and Moon Spa.

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