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Fredericksburg grand jury indictments
Fredericksburg grand jury indictments

Date published: 2/12/2006

The following people were indicted recently by a Fredericksburg grand jury:

Pamela E. Adkins, Fredericksburg, obtaining money by false pretenses, forgery, conspiracy and identity fraud.

Sean K. Adkins, 18, Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine.

Nichole F. Aleshire, 34, Fredericksburg, forgery, passing a forged check, possession of drug paraphernalia and felony shoplifting.

Jamie A. Alexander, 22, Fredericksburg, possession of illegal drugs.

Jonathan W. Allen, 30, Spotsylvania, grand larceny and assault and battery.

Frankie D. Barbee, 40, Capital Heights, Md., felony shoplifting.

Linda M. Benetatos, 42, Locust Grove, petty larceny, third offense.

Charles D. Boone, 22, Fredericksburg, three counts of forging a public record.

Freddie Bright Jr., 32, Philadelphia, Pa., four counts of forging traveler's checks.

Teena M. Brown, 21, Fredericksburg, unlawful wounding.

Wilbert J. Brown, 28, Spotsylvania, possessing illegal drugs and possession of a firearm while possessing illegal drugs.

Harvey D. Bryant, 49, Montross, making a false statement on a consent form.

Towana M. Bunns, 33, Warsaw, felony shoplifting.

Willie C. Carroll, 28, Spotsylvania, conspiracy to violate the Drug Act.

Jessica L. Carter, 22, Spotsylvania, possession of OxyContin, possession of Lorecet and two counts of driving on a suspended license.

Tony Carter, 53, Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine and driving on a suspended license.

Mark A. Catlett, 35, Fredericksburg, three counts of larceny, breaking and entering, two counts of grand larceny, possession of heroin and possession of burglary tools.

Michael J. Christiano, 39, Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.

William A. Coleman, 56, Fredericksburg, possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell.

Jeffrey S. Costello Jr., 20, Fredericksburg, burglary.

Harneisha Courtney, 21, Spotsylvania, robbery.

Ivan C. Crutchfield, 44, unknown address, attempted possession of cocaine.

Devon M. Edelen, 30, Spotsylvania, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

Cathy A. Elam, 46, Fredericksburg, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

Richard A. Ellis, 27, King George, distributing cocaine.

William K. Emminger, 44, Spotsylvania, embezzlement.

Angela B. Faulk, 25, Atlanta, credit card forgery.

Carolyn J. Frazier, 48, King George, attempted possession of cocaine.

Angelo Garcia, 40, Fredericksburg, two counts of rape, forcible sodomy and taking indecent liberties with a child.

William J. Grover Sr., 45, Woodbridge, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

Nathanial R. Harris, 54, Spotsylvania, obtaining money by false pretenses.

Lamona L. Herndon, 45, Fredericksburg, felony shoplifting.

Stephanie I. Hubbart, 26, Spotsylvania, possession of heroin.

Earline Hunt, 36, Spotsylvania, possession of cocaine.

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