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Rideshare: A useful resource
RADCO Rideshare helps commuters get from A to B

Date published: 3/20/2006

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BEFORE YOU BOOK a limousine for your wedding day or prom night, see if the company is listed as an "approved carrier" by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

This distinction means the company has maintained the proper registration, licenses and insurance to operate, and meets safety standards set by the DMV.

To view the list, go to dmv.state.va.us and click on "About Us." Click on "News Releases," scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Dec. 6, 2005, news release on approved carriers.

The carrier list page also contains a link to the DMV's seven tips for choosing a limousine service. Tip No. 3: Ask how the service screens its drivers.

QI'm considering moving to Fredericksburg. I've been looking at the various transportation/commuter Web sites and can't see any public transportation options for commuting from Fredericksburg to Richmond. Can you please let me know what the available options are?

--Paul Kim, Covington, La.

AFredericksburg and Richmond are separated by the same distance as Fredericksburg and Washington--about 55 miles--but there are far fewer public transportation options for the southern commute.

Nevertheless, there's a one-stop place to get answers to all your commuting questions, whether you work in Washington, Richmond, Northern Virginia or elsewhere: RADCO Rideshare.

This public service links Fredericksburg-area commuters with carpools and vanpools. It stocks voluminous information on public transportation options, such as bus, light rail and trains. Rideshare is funded by a grant from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, and that money is matched by local governments in the Rappahannock Area Development Commission.

Diana Utz, RADCO Rideshare manager, said there are several vanpools currently traveling to Richmond from Fredericksburg.

You do not have to live in the Fredericksburg area to use Rideshare. If you're moving here, commuting information can be mailed or faxed to your current location.

Call 540/373-POOL to reach Rideshare.

Q What happened to all the police presence on the new Cowan Boulevard? I use this road daily, and have noticed that most people are not obeying the 35-mph speed limit. I think it is ridiculous that the city set the limit that low, but now they need to start enforcing it.

--Kevin Matthews,


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