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Date published: 4/15/2006

Sam, the musical cat

SAM, SHORT FOR for Samantha, lives in musical heaven because her owner, Brittany Frapovitch, is a professional musician and a member of the popular Acoustic Bandwidth band ( acousticbandwidth.biz).

Brittany, who lives in Fredericksburg, found Samantha in the mountains of Pennsylvania after a snowstorm. "Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that she found me," Brittany says. "She was sitting right on the white line by the side of the road. I pulled over because I almost hit her. She was so thin that I thought she was a kitten.

"After debating what to do for a few minutes, I said, 'Go ahead, get in the truck.' Much to my surprise, Sam ran across the road, and, without hesitation, jumped into the driver's seat and then to the passenger's seat, where she curled up and went to sleep."

While Brittany plays a wide variety of instruments--from double bass to guitar--it's the soft, soothing sounds of her cello that Sam likes the best. While listening to Brittany play more complicated music, Sam seems to be thinking about trying some easier pieces.

--Eve Carr