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2 Dems take aim at Allen Miller, Webb pose dilemma for party page 3
Democratic Senate primary draws near

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Date published: 6/4/2006


Webb believes his military background makes him a stronger candidate--the very theme of his campaign is "Born Fighting."

Fundraising reports last week show Miller with more cash than Webb, although a large chunk of Miller's money is his own.

"I'm partially self-financing because it's a startup business. Any startup business you have to self-finance," Miller said, noting that he also does have many contributions from other people.

Both men have boasted a slew of endorsements, ranging from local officials to national figures--including Webb's endorsement by John Kerry on Friday.

But neither campaign is expecting many voters to be paying attention, although more will in the next week.

Sabato said turnout will be "somewhere between low and lowest"--200,000 would be a high number.

"We're talking about a tiny fraction of voters," Sabato said. "It's typical. They never participate in primaries. Who thinks of voting in mid-June?"

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