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GOP is wasting our time page 2
Republicans blather on about same-sex marriage and flag burning, but Democrats have no ammo of their own

 Activists with the Human Rights Campaign protest a proposed Federal Marriage Amendment that would have formally established marriage as a union of one man and one woman. The measure got one more vote in the Senate than it had during a previous try, but ultimately failed.
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Date published: 6/18/2006



That's the American way. It's not my job to impose my values on anyone else, and I'll vote against any politician who would do that. How boring it would be if we were all the same. That there are so many people following so many different paths keeps things interesting and dynamic.

Finally, if people believe that one father is better than none, there are probably some kids up for adoption out there who might think two dads are better than none as well.

The same-sex marriage amendment is not the only fluff on the Republican agenda right now. GOP leaders want to run the old anti-flag-burning amendment up the pole to see if anyone salutes.

This comes after the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that desecrating the flag falls under protected speech. Is there a lot of flag-burning going on that I haven't heard about? If someone feels the need to protest by burning a flag, why should I care? It's a shame that anyone would feel the need to protest in that manner, but I think the nation will survive.

There is no shortage of American flags--just check your local Wal-Mart. If some idiots get drunk and burn a flag, I'd rather they do that than drive a car under the influence, or burn a cross.

The Republican message is clear. The party wants to divert attention from the ineptitude of the Bush administration in hopes of limiting the significant hit it will take this fall in Congress. But the chosen topics scream that the party is at a loss for a something viable to push.

If you favor the Democratic approach to things, it would seem that Washington is ripe for change. And the alternative?

For more years than they care to admit, Democrats at one level or another across the country have searched for a message that resonates with the voters. Finally, there is one staring them in the face: "We're not Republicans."

While the GOP is doing a pretty good job of turning off voters on its own, some Democrats believe that their party still needs a positive message to offer. But that's by no means unanimous. Some insist that presenting real issues only gives Republicans a target to shoot at.

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