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For ACC, new staffs new norm page 2
Steve DeShazo's column on ACC football

Date published: 7/24/2006


In fact, at least one of Beamer's new aides has paid quick dividends. Newsome, a former James Madison University assistant and a long-time high school coach in the Tidewater area, was the point man on Tech's successful recruitment of Hampton High School quarterback Tyrod Taylor. He's the state's top-ranked senior prospect.

Virginia's turnover rate was just as high as Tech's, largely because three of Groh's 2005 assistants are now college head coaches: Ron Prince (Kansas State), Al Golden (Temple) and Danny Rocco (Liberty).

"They all had opportunities to improve their lives by taking head-coaching jobs. You can't blame them for that," senior cornerback Marcus Hamilton said. "We don't even think about that when we're on the field."

Groh was able to hire college coaching veterans in Steve Bernstein (defensive backs), Bob Diaco (special teams) and Dave Borbely (offensive line). And it helped that he lured back Mike London as his new defensive coordinator after a year with the NFL's Houston Texans.

But London will be in charge for the first time this fall. So is Mike Groh, the head coach's son, who was promoted to both offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator--two critical jobs in Virginia's rebuilding efforts. Their performance may be scrutinized even more closely than new starting quarterback Christian Olsen's.

Technically, Maryland also has a new offensive coordinator. It's Friedgen, who added that duty when longtime assistant Charlie Taafe retired. The Fridge's expertise is well-documented, and he's had input in every game plan in his five seasons at Maryland.

"We're using the whole playbook," quarterback Sam Hollenbach said. "We were very predictable in the past We'll be doing different things."

Still, Friedgen hasn't called every play in five years. And ask Joe Gibbs how hard it is to run a team and call the plays.

Maryland's defense has been a strength in recent years. But after two straight 5-6 seasons, some changes were necessary. Enter new coordinator Chris Cosh, who brings a similar philosophy but a decidedly different style than his low-key predecessor, Gary Blackney.

"Coach Blackney was a quiet guy," cornerback Josh Wilson said. "Coach Cush will run up and down the field. If you intercept a pass and run it back for a touchdown, he'll be right behind you. He keeps everybody buzzed with his energy."

For a team that's in danger of falling back into mediocrity, maybe that's not a bad thing.

"I'm a marketing major," Wilson said. "I look at it just like any business. There's going to be some turnover. Somebody from the outside may have a different way of looking at things."

And just like in the corporate world, while the faces will be different for the Terps, Cavs and Hokies this fall, the bottom line is all that matters.

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