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Skull discovered at golf course
Police attempting to identify human remains found at the Country Club of Culpeper.

Date published: 7/28/2006


A young Country Club of Culpeper maintenance worker made a grisly discovery early yesterday.

About 6 a.m., while preparing the golf course for its annual member-guest tournament, 22-year-old Jeremy Bailey found a human skull in the fourth tee area.

"The skull was found between the blue and white tee box," said another Country club maintenance worker who did not give his name. "The lower jaw was missing."

Country club officials alerted police, who discovered additional parts of the skeleton in and near Mountain Run, which flows parallel to an adjacent fairway.

Culpeper town police Chief Dan Boring said investigators believe the unidentified person--whose gender was still undetermined--had been dead "more than a couple of weeks."

He said there were no reports of anyone on the golf course complaining of a foul odor. But he added that there was no indication that the death occurred upstream and the body had been washed to the spot where it was found.

"That area is not where golfers would go," Boring said.

The chief speculated that animals may have pulled the head from the decomposed body and dragged it into the tee-box area.

Boring said preliminary information indicates the death may have been a suicide.

"We had a report of a missing person a couple of weeks ago," the chief said without elaborating.

Country club sources said a suicide note was found in a green SUV left abandoned near the facility's weight room at about that time.

"We're not releasing any more information until a positive identification has been made," Boring said.

The chief added that, due to the condition of the body, dental records likely would be used to make that identification. Boring would not say whether police knew how the person died.

The golf tournament went on as planned yesterday.

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