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Peace Corps volunteer Morocco-bound
Stafford resident leaves this weekend for Peace Corps service in Morocco

 Heather Shelton
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Date published: 9/12/2006



Heather Shelton, 22, a Stafford County resident, left last weekend for Morocco to begin her volunteer work for the Peace Corps.

Shelton, a graduate of Colonial Forge High School, will teach English and develop community projects with local youth.

She will learn to speak one of the four Arabic dialects that are used in the country. French is also spoken there.

This spring, Shelton graduated with a bachelor's degree in government from Liberty University. She started as a music education major but switched to government in the middle of her sophomore year.

Once Shelton switched majors, she thought about a career in law enforcement or law. But after an international relations class, Shelton considered other possibilities, such as working for the CIA or the State Department.

She also started looking into the Peace Corps.

Shelton remembers the stories her uncle told about his Peace Corps experience. During the 1970s, he served in Yemen.

"One of the things that attracted me to the Peace Corps was the fact that I'd get to travel and live in a foreign land," said Shelton.

She looks forward to meeting the challenge of learning a new language and living among people of a different culture.

"In the end, I think the people I'm teaching will have taught me many things, as well."

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