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On fighting global warming--the deception, that is, not the event
Global warming? Bah, humbug!

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Date published: 9/19/2006

WASHINGTON'S PBS station, WETA, ran a particularly inter- esting show recently. It featured authentication of an ancient buffalo skull found in a sand bank on the Arkansas River near Tulsa. The animal was young and killed by a Calf Creek Indian chert spearpoint imbedded near one of the horns.

The skull was of a now extinct giant buffalo with horns that were heavy and straight where modern bison have smaller curving horns. The spearpoint came from 70 miles east in Arkansas, and the kill was carbon-dated at over 5,100 years ago.

Then my ears perked up when the narrator said that this was about the time the Indians began to venture out onto the Great Plains again after several hundred years of drought. He said a climate change brought back the grass, and that brought the buffalo and that brought the Indians. It would be interesting to know if a later climate change resulted in the extinction of the giant buffalo.

The point is that the Earth has been cooling and warming for millennia. We are currently in a warming cycle. If history repeats, the Earth will probably be warming for the next 200 years or more, then it will cool again. Our children could see wheat grown closer to the Arctic Circle and farmers in the South and Midwest shifting to other corps. Ironically, the greatest bulk of potentially arable land is in the Northern Hemisphere and turning more of Russia and Canada into viable farmland could go a long way to compensate for the geometric increase in world-population.

And, yes, the sea levels will probably rise. All of our coastal city sites were chosen during a period of cooling when more of the Earth's water was tied up in ice at the poles and in mountains, so Boston, New York, and Charleston have some surprises coming.

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