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That marriage 'fence' excluding gays isn't protection, it's bigotry page 3
Don't exclude gays from marriage

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Date published: 10/13/2006


Ironically, then, White's fence ends up being an obstacle to the strengthening of marriage, families and the nation that she claims she is trying to protect. Her fence actually weakens marriage and families and it undermines our nation by promoting division, exclusion, and instability. This is not the acceptance and respect of individuals and their right to make choices that White claims she believes in. This is bigotry. Period.

When Nov. 7 arrives I will be voting to remove this fence, and I will vote no and against the Marshall/Newman amendment to the Virginia Bill of Rights. I hope that in the meantime White will take another look at the issues and open herself up to a more constructive view.

Might I offer some professional advice to her and suggest that building a bridge, rather than a fence, would be a good first step?

DON CHIAPPINELLI is a licensed clinical social worker in Fredericksburg.

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