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Dwarfed by Titans PRO FOOTBALL WEEK 6
Titans at Redskins

 Tennessee's Travis Henry (left) was head and shoulders above Carlos Rogers and the Redskins, rushing for 178 yards.
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Date published: 10/16/2006


LANDOVER, Md.--The catcalls started as a murmur but grew in volume and intensity, like a snowball rolling down a steep grade.

The Tennessee Titans were winless when they arrived at FedEx Field to face the Redskins yesterday afternoon. And before they knew it, they were trailing by 11 points.

But then something shifted, something changed. The Titans began to move the ball and the Redskins began to struggle.

On offense for Washington, there were fumbles and high passes. On defense, there were running lanes wide enough for a school bus.

And the crowd of 88,550 did not like any of it.

When a last-chance heave from Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell was swallowed by Tennessee's Lamont Thompson with 54 seconds left, solidifying the Titans' improbable 25-22 victory, the fans marched toward the exits and rained boos on the home team as they walked.

"I feel quite a bit of frustration, probably more than the fans do," Brunell said. "You know, we're the ones that are out there."

A season that was filled with such promise is now officially muddied. And the road ahead has its cracks and obstacles. The Redskins are now 2-4 and they're staring at next Sunday's road game against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts.

"Everyone on this team has to look and see what motivates them, whether it's making money, supporting your family or pride playing for each other," said Shawn Springs, who served as a nickelback yesterday after missing the season's first five games with abdominal and groin injuries. "Each player has to look inside and see what it is, what they play for. We've got to believe in each other, and I don't know if that's there yet."

The Redskins' defensive line was undermanned yesterday, as starting tackles Cornelius Griffin (hip) and Joe Salave'a (calf) did not play. Tennessee's offensive line cleared roomy holes for running back Travis Henry, who ran for a career-high 178 yards and a touchdown.

Titans rookie quarterback Vince Young, the star of the University of Texas' Rose Bowl victory less than one year ago, was calm and poised under center in just his third career start. The strong and agile quarterback was 13-for-25 for 161 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions.

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