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Arenas: Snit was him being 'goof'

 Gilbert Arenas (0) says he and Wizards coach Eddie Jordan (right) 'got everything straightened out' in a meeting.
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Date published: 2/14/2007


AP Sports Writer


--In his unique way, Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas said yesterday that his verbal spat with coach Eddie Jordan was just a "little bump" for a team in need of a tuneup.

In other Gilbertology news, Arenas said he can't be a team leader because he's "a goof." He also revealed a plan to try to wear an Agent Zero jersey when he starts in the All-Star game this weekend.

Arenas criticized Jordan following Sunday's loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, saying the coach's overemphasis on defense contributed to the Wizards' fourth loss in five games. Arenas' remarks drew stern rebukes within the team and led to a players-only meeting Monday, plus a one-on-one meeting with Jordan in which the coach gave Arenas a tutorial in what was happening in the game.

"We talked about everything. It was like a tuneup," Arenas said. "It was a tuneup for the team. We've lost four out of five. We're going into the All-Star break. This is when teams get lackadaisical, from both sides. Coaching staff felt we were getting lackadaisical, and we felt they were getting lackadaisical. We had a meeting and we got everything straightened out."

Arenas said his criticisms of Jordan stemmed from frustration because the team has had trouble winning since team captain Antawn Jamison was sidelined with a knee injury. Arenas said his relationship with Jordan remains good.

"It was blown out of proportion. We had a little bump, and we can fix it now," Arenas said.

Jordan has said the team needs to find new sources of leadership during Jamison's absence. Arenas, who had an unsuccessful stint as a co-captain last season, said he is not the solution.

"I'm a goof. C'mon, everyone knows that," Arenas said. "I look at my elders as the leaders. I don't want nobody looking at me. How can I tell somebody 'Don't shoot that shot' when I'm out there chunking 'em?"

On Sunday, Arenas will start in the All-Star game for the first time, having played as a substitute the last two years. He's also going to be in the 3-point shootout again--he was the runner-up to Dirk Nowitzki last year--and said he has been practicing nightly to perfect his form.

"I'm not a runner-up this year," Arenas said.

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