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Arenas: Snit was him being 'goof' page 2

 Gilbert Arenas (0) says he and Wizards coach Eddie Jordan (right) 'got everything straightened out' in a meeting.
Jesse D. Garrabrant/GETTY IMAGES
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Date published: 2/14/2007


As evidenced by his remarks about Jordan on Sunday, Arenas has trouble keeping things to himself. He let another cat out of the bag yesterday when he announced his jersey plans for the All-Star game.

Arenas will take to Las Vegas 100 All-Star jerseys with the word "Agent" instead of "Arenas" above his number zero on the back. He'll toss them to fans--similar to the way he tosses his own jersey into the crowd after Wizards games--and then plans to wear one when he takes the court for the game.

Arenas said he'll get away with it because he's starting the game.

"They won't know until the game starts," he said.

Oops. Now everyone knows. Besides, the way the NBA is these days, trying such a gimmick could draw a hefty fine.

"It's worth it," Arenas said. "It's worth getting fined for, because all those people who got the Arenas Zero jerseys are going to feel special."

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