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'McMissile' mom expected to be released
Woman now held on Mississippi charge.

Date published: 2/21/2007

FEEDBACK: Did the judge make the right decision? You tell us!

VIDEO: Jessica Hall's father talks to reporters at the jail.

A North Carolina mother of three sentenced to two years in prison for throwing an ice-cold soft drink into a passing car was expected to get out of jail today.

UPDATE: However after Stafford Substitute Judge Frank Hoss ruled this morning that Jessica J. Hall had spent enough time behind bars and suspended the rest of her sentence, it was learned that Hall was wanted on an outstanding warrant in Desoto County, Miss., for insufficient funds.

Capt. Keith Combs with the Desoto County Sheriff's Office told fredericksburg.com today that Hall was indicted in June 2006 on a felony bad check charge. The warrant had not been served.

Hall said that her car had been broken into and her purse stolen while traveling in Memphis, Tenn., about two years ago. Memphis borders Desoto County.

After that incident, multiple checks bounced, she said. A police report was filed in that case. The district attorney's office in Desoto County agreed that if the parents pay what she owes, they will not extradite her.

So she'll be held at least one more night in jail.

Once the money is repaid, the district attorney for Desoto County will notify local authorites and she can be released as early as tomorrrow.

Hall's parents said they are currently raising money for her release.

Her dad, Jessie Hall, said outside the jail that his daughter told him she had filed a police report noting that her purse, including checks, had been stolen from her car. She also told him the checks were written fraudulently by someone else.

"She said she didn't do it," he said, noting she was eager to get out of jail Thursday. "She's very spirited. She's ready to go."

Hall has been in the Rappahannock Regional Jail since Jan. 4, when a Stafford County jury found her guilty of maliciously throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle.

A weeping Hall broke down, crying, “Thank you, thank you” after the judge made his ruling, apparently unaware she would still be held on the Colorado charge.

Hall, 25, of Jacksonville, N.C., was traveling north with her three young children and her pregnant sister last July when she got into an altercation with another motorist involving gestures and abrupt lane switches The stories vary on exactly what happened, but everyone agrees that it ended with Hall throwing a McDonald’s bag, spilling the drink all over the passenger in the other car.

The jury recommended a two-year prison sentence, the minimum under which Hall was charged.

Hall’s case generated national media attention, and a host of reporters and cameramen were on hand for today’s hearing at the Stafford Courthouse. Her children and numerous other family members were also in the courtroom.

--from Staff reports