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Shooting may have saved woman's life
Stafford deputies may have saved a woman’s life Tuesday night by shooting her.

Date published: 3/21/2007


Stafford deputies may have saved a woman’s life Tuesday night by shooting her.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said Deputy A.G. Arrendondo fired his “less- lethal” shotgun into the thigh of a 48-year-old woman who was threaten ing to kill herself.

The force of the 2- by 2- inch cloth bag filled with pellets stunned the woman just long enough for other deputies to grab the knife she was threatening to stab herself with, police said.

The incident took place about 9:30 p.m. at a home in North Stafford, Kennedy said. Deputies and rescue workers were summoned to the home for a reported suicide attempt.

Deputies Jason Mooney and N.G. Thompson went upstairs and found the woman lying on her back with a large kitchen knife placed to her stomach. She had both hands on the knife.

Kennedy said the deputies repeatedly tried without success to talk the woman into putting down the knife.

At least a couple of times, Kennedy said, the woman appeared to be pushing the knife into her body.

Other deputies, including Arrendondo, were called to the scene. Arrendondo was told to bring his less-lethal weapon.

The woman was pushing the knife into her midsection again when the deputy fired the shot.

The woman was then taken to Mary Wash ington Hospital to be treated for three super ficial cuts and a bruise on her thigh.

Kennedy said the Sheriff’s Office cur rently has 16 of the less-lethal weapons. He said this was the first time any of them had been used in a real- life situation.

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