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Taser case still stinging Beach page 2
Colonial Beach council receives letter from police officers complaining about chief and sergeant involved in Taser incidents

Date published: 6/7/2007


Officer John Wright testified that he later brought his original report to an FBI interview. Wright said he was shocked to find an FBI copy obtained from the police department included extra language that said that one of the Taser victims had been combative right before he was shot.

Both Turner and Hood said they had accessed Wright's report to make punctuation and grammar changes, but that they had not put in the extra words.

"This is clearly the most damning behavior in the entire case," U.S. District Court Judge James Spencer said.

"It's crystal clear that Officer Wright did not write the second statement. Somebody did it. The question is, who? That's a very serious problem. The most likely candidate is Sgt. Hood, but whether that has status beyond reasonable doubt, is the question," the judge said.

Mayor G.W. "Pete" Bone Jr. said after the acquittals that the town needed to review the police department's handling of its reports. Bone did not return calls yesterday seeking comment.

According to one council source, Town Manager Timothy Krawczel is investigating the allegations in the letter and is scheduled to report his findings at a June 14 council meeting.

Staff reporter Chelyen Davis contributed to this story. Frank Delano: 804/333-3834
Email: fpdelano@gmail.com

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