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UMW hires firm for next search page 2
UMW hires search firm to replace ousted President William Frawley

Date published: 8/24/2007


Greenwood and Associates will check references and conduct background checks, such as driving records and credit history.

Three other firms put in proposals for the job: Academic Search Inc. of Washington, Baker and Associates of Atlanta and Witt/Keiffer of Massachusetts. All four firms applied for the same job in 2005.

That year, the school hired Korn/Ferry International, which charged $75,000. The firm would've conducted a second search for free because Frawley left after less than a year on the job.

While officials were pleased with Korn/Ferry's work, Poole said, it would've been awkward to rehire the company based on the results of the last search.

Frawley was fired in April after being charged with drunken driving twice in two days. He's scheduled to face those charges next month in Fredericksburg and Fairfax County.

In a proposal, Greenwood and Associates said it hasn't had any unsuccessful searches in the past four years. It has recruited just one candidate--a provost--who left within a year.

The firm said it encourages clients to hire a private investigator and/or do other background work "unique to their situation." UMW didn't use a private investigator for its last search.

The firm has completed presidential searches for a number of colleges, including the University of Florida, Ohio State University and the University of Baltimore.

The firm's representatives will be at next month's board of visitors meeting, but Poole said he isn't sure what they'll discuss.

"It has been a trying time, but we are moving ahead with resolve and dedication to find a new president," he told faculty members.

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