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Mediation with Frawley over
University of Mary Washington ends mediation with ousted President William Frawley

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Date published: 10/26/2007


Mediation between the University of Mary Washington and ousted President William Frawley ended where it started, with the two sides coming to no agreement.

"After a great deal of deliberation, we were unable to reach any sort of resolution that all parties involved would deem acceptable," UMW board of visitors Rector Bill Poole said in a written statement sent to the media and UMW employees yesterday.

Reached yesterday, Poole would not elaborate on his statement, in which he expressed appreciation for people's "continued respect for the confidentiality of this personnel matter."

It was unclear whether the mediator made any recommendation. Poole had said earlier the university wouldn't have to comply with the mediator's recommendation because it was nonbinding.

The board fired Frawley "for cause" at the end of April, shortly after he was charged with driving under the influence twice in two days. He was later convicted of the charges in Fredericksburg and in Fairfax County.

Frawley requested the negotiations, which could've resulted in a financial settlement for him. He can still file a lawsuit against the school claiming wrongful termination.

Efforts to reach Frawley were unsuccessful.

The school hopes to hire a new president in March. Vice President Rick Hurley is serving as acting president.

The board of visitors first met behind closed doors with the mediator at their annual summer retreat.

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The University of Mary Washington's board of visitors is no longer engaged in mediation related to the board's decision to terminate the employment of Dr. William J. Frawley. After a great deal of deliberation, we were unable to reach any sort of resolution that all parties involved would deem acceptable. Therefore, the status of this situation remains as it was on April 30, 2007, when the board reached and announced its decision to terminate Dr. Frawley's employment with the university. Since we are now certain that no such resolution will be achieved and that no further mediation will take place, the board is able to make this limited comment. We appreciate your continued respect for the confidentiality of this personnel matter and the privacy of those involved, and we ask for your understanding of the fact that the board cannot release additional details at this time.