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'Conversation' begins at UMW page 2
UMW hosts unity march in the wake of a racially insensitive poster found in a dorm

 University of Mary Washington senior Whitney Roberts holds a sign at a unity march held after a racially insensitive poster and comments created a stir on campus.
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Date published: 11/10/2007


"I don't see how you can't march for something like this," said freshman Travis May. "This is important."

Professors have set aside classroom time to discuss the issue.

"Seriously, I'm tired of talking about it in every single class," one student said as she walked by the rally.

The march ended at the steps of George Washington Hall, where a microphone had been set up for people to say what was on their minds.

Phil Arnone, president of the UMW Labor Rights Club, said he hopes the discussion will shed light on bigger issues.

"Most of the lowest-paid workers on campus are women of color," he said. Hurley said he thinks the university now has procedures in place to properly address salaries.

But for now, much of the conversation is centered on the offensive poster.

"When we speak messages of hate and intolerance, we marginalize," said junior Jason Walsh. "And when we marginalize a people, we take away their rights. And when we remain silent, we show our approval."

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