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Date published: 11/18/2007

By Richard Amrhine


Because he's supposed to be in charge, President Bush will be held responsible for this course of inaction. Because of that, a Democrat will be the next president no matter whom the nominee might be. Some of the remaining Republican zealots in Congress will get the boot for their blind allegiance to the blundering Bush.

President Hillary?

Is it possible that this most polarizing figure, this ferocious campaigner, this advocate of universal health care, this other Clinton, this, this


could actually win a presidential election?

Not that long ago, I considered her unelectable. Too many people consider her a witch, or (rhymes with "witch"). If you think the swift-boat ads against John Kerry were controversial, wait until the right unleashes a barrage against Hillary.

Would such a partisan campaign be bad for America? I found a Web site called stophernow.com, which is dedicated to stunting Hillary Clinton's campaign. I was expecting some real meanness there. One item ridiculed her for raising $1.5 million in campaign funds at her recent birthday party. There's a dart that won't stick. Another targets planks of her platform that are pretty basic democratic principles, and presents a reasonable debate of the issues. Nothing wrong with that.

Americans know by now to take with a grain of salt anything that opponents or other detractors say about a candidate. Like jurors weighing the case against a defendant, voters prefer to judge a candidate on his or her own merits, then consider the bigger picture. If Hillary is so widely disliked, why is she leading in fundraising and the opinion polls?

Her challenge will be to establish her own identity while taking advantage of her husband's eloquence on the stump. While the "Clinton" name carries some excess baggage, it might be easier for Americans to embrace at this point than "Barack Hussein Obama."

GOP's uphill battle.

1994 must seem so long ago to Republican faithful. The infamous "Contract with America" had already lost so much luster by 2000 that the party needed to be handed the White House by the Supreme Court. The GOP couldn't claim a clear-cut victory even in a nation of voters beset by Clinton fatigue.

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