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Council approves Kalahari letter page 2
City County approves letter of intent with Kalahari

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Date published: 1/23/2008


She worried that the projected 800 employees of Kalahari would not have their benefits fully paid for by the company.

She asked for a written commitment that Kalahari would hire local firms to do engineering, construction and other work on the resort.

She worried that voting on the letter of intent before the city receives a consultant's report it has commissioned would "mislead a business owner that these [incentives] terms are OK" prematurely.

Girvan said she was against approving the letter of intent last night, but "I do support continued negotiation on this Kalahari project."

To Vice Mayor Kerry Devine, that seemed counterintuitive.

"I find it confusing to hear that you want to move forward with a process but not take the necessary next step to move forward with that process," she said.

Devine said Girvan isn't the only one who wants to see the results of a consultant's report on Kalahari's projected economic impact and project feasibility.

"The impact study is something that we have all requested from the beginning," she said. "We are not going to get that information if we end tonight."

City Manager Phillip Rodenberg has said the consultant's analysis of Kalahari's financial projections should be available in March. City officials are targeting the March 11 council meeting for a vote on the performance agreement for Kalahari's incentives package.

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