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Big plans, big projects, big updates page 4
Check the status of 32 planned developments throughout the region.

Date published: 2/16/2008


The plan: In April 2003, MassPark LLC announced plans. Supervisors approved a rezoning for a 22-acre site north of Massaponax Church Road at the intersection of U.S. 1. Construction was to begin in the spring of 2004.

Status: A grocery store was to anchor the 100,000-square-foot center, with a bank, restaurants and a video store as possible tenants, but the property never developed into this vision.

The development’s name has been changed to Palmer’s Creek. A portion of the property is zoned for residential. Plans still are to make the property mostly commercial.

U.S. National Slavery Museum

The plan: In December 2002, officials said the museum would open in February 2007.

Status: A garden has opened on the site, but the museum has not committed to a new timeline. Meanwhile, City Council members are referring to it in the past tense at meetings.


The plan: W.J. Vakos & Co. announced in 2001 that it planned to build hotels, offices, retail stores and restaurants on a 256-acre parcel at Massaponax. It also was eyeing the possibility of adding a technology-enhanced office park. The project was planned to be developed over a 10-year period.

Status: Southpoint II has 23 retailers and 18 restaurants occupying 500,000 square feet of space. Several more will be opening soon.

Park Place, the third and final section, will be completed in the summer of 2009. Retailers for this area, which is near Interstate 95 and CarMax, will be announced this summer, said President Bill Vakos III.

In addition, a 30,000-square-foot office building will be built next to American Family Fitness. No hotels are a part of the plans at this time.

SPOTSYLVANIA Courthouse Village

The plan: The mixed-use project has been in the pipeline since the late 1990s. The shops and housing units have had various completion dates postponed.

Status: The neotraditional, town-style community is still going to happen, said Bill Vakos III, of W.J. Vakos & Co. But the plans have changed slightly, and some buildings are being redesigned.

The walls for the first building fronting Brock Road are going up, and two more buildings are slated for construction this spring. The first occupants should be able to move in by early 2009.

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

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