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BASEBALL >> Pitcher seeks a snap in his curve, not in his arm Hill's goal: Make his starts and not end up on the DL page 3
Nationals spring training

 The Nationals have been impressed with the spring in both the arm and the legs of pitcher Shawn Hill.
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Date published: 2/25/2008



As Acta recently contemplated the top of his starting rotation, he was understandably tempted to consider the impact a healthy Hill would have.

But because of Acta's history with Hill in the Montreal organization, he knew better.

"How are we going to know unless a guy goes out there and starts 35 games? You just can't," he said. "It is a fact, him and John [Patterson] haven't been able to pitch a full season in the big leagues where you can make the right assessment about them."

And that is what really hurts Hill: the unknown, the unrealized potential. If he can't stay healthy through the entire 2008 season, his psyche would suffer the next scar.

"Ideally, I'd like to go 200-plus innings," he said. "If I can stay healthy and things go well, that would be my goal. We'll see if it happens or not."

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