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'Skins are selective in this marketplace page 2
GRANT PAULSEN: Redskins are suddenly bargain shoppers

Date published: 3/2/2008


There will be no Carter-like talents signed this offseason, though, and barring a major trade, the only way Washington will add a player of Carter's caliber will be by drafting well.

"We'll probably be about $8.5 million under the [salary] cap when we're done reworking everything," Cerrato said on "Redskins Radio" this week. He added that he planned to use a chunk of that money on this year's draft picks, and that the rest of the dough would be saved for any in-season moves that injuries might cause.

I've never been a math whiz, but even I can figure out that $8.5 million can go quickly when you're signing a draft class and setting money aside for in-season expenses.

Whether Snyder and the Redskins are being wiser shoppers because they don't have as much to spend or because of some philosophical change is trivial. They're doing the right thing, and that's all that matters.

There aren't any problems on this team that a few productive draft picks and a couple of mid-level free agents can't help correct. Based on its actions (or lack thereof) so far, Washington's front office agrees.

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